Adam I.Gerard

Fullstack Engineer & Web Developer

Passionate Fullstack Engineer and Web Developer

Fullstack software engineering experience working with Java and Node.

Adopted South Korean-American Citizen with a little Welsh-Norman and a strong tradition of legal and military service in his family.

Frontend experience working with CSS, HTML, Backbone, Angular, JavaScript (up to ECMA 2016), jQuery, and increasing familiarity with both Joint.js and D3.js.

Projects I can offer


Java 6-8, Hibernate, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Data, SQL, Java FX.

Web Development

HTML5, turnkey Bootstrap, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Backbone, Joint.js and D3.js.

Cutting Edge

Angular, React, Webpack, NVM, Ghost.js, Node.js,, Parallel JavaScript (Client and Node), Oauth2, Lambda, Firebase, Mongo, Git, Heroku, Vue.


Turnkey WordPress, templates, plugins, eCommerce.

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- Education -

  • Northern Illinois University

    M.A. Analytic Philosophy


    Logic and the Philosophy of Language & Science
    ► Philosophy paper presented at Drake University (2012)
    ► Reviewer 5th Midwest Graduate Conference NIU (2011)
    ► Reviewer 4th Midwest Graduate Conference NIU (2010)
    ► Poetry in Drunk Monkeys (2014)
    ► Poetry in LEVELER (2013)
    ► Poetry in Blue Lake Review and The Rusty Nail (2012)

  • Iowa State Univerity

    B.A. English


    Creative Writing, Grammar, Technical Writing, and Syntax
    ► Will C. Jumper Poetry Scholarship (2009)
    ► Philosophy paper presented at Creighton University
    ► Philosophy paper in Stance (2009)
    ► Philosophy paper in Wax Arguments (2008)
    ► ISU Sketch poetry and literature editor (2008)
    ► Poetry in Sketch (2009)
    ► Poetry in The Ames Progressive (2008)

- Employment -

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  • Roe With Me

    Software Engineer

    November 2016 - Present

    ► 500,000 Users
    ► Analytics (Beta) and WebRTC Livestreaming (Alpha)
    ■ Inventory management for mompreneurs
    ■ Python, AWS Lambda, Django, Firebase, Vue, Go, Node, Chartist, PostGres

  • Freelance

    Various Roles

    April 2016 - Present

    ► Clients included Frontier Microscopy and caregoals
    ► NLP and WebRTC Consulting
    ► Technical Writing and Java Specification Documentation
    ► Learn JSP and Servlets

  • Storygami

    JavaScript Software Engineer

    January 2016 - May 2016

    ► 500 Startups Batch 13
    ► Personally funded by Sir Richard Branson
    ► Clients include Al Jazeera, Reuters, AP, Virgin Media
    ► Multi-dimensional NoSQL data layer
    ► Enterprise and Hosted SaaS offerings
    ► Ultra lean development team
    ■ Angular 1/2, Backbone, React
    ■ TypeScript, CoffeeScript, JSX
    ■ Isomorphic JavaScript architecture
    ■ RESTful micro-services paradigm
    ■ Node, Express, Mongo DB
    ■ Swagger, Zeplin,, Git, Grunt, Gulp
    ■ Less, SCSS
    ■ Limited UI/UX and presentation layer design

  • D3 Banking

    Software Engineer

    December 2015 – January 2016, July 2014 – June 2015

    ► Successful release of platform (Our Cash Flow 3.3.3)
    ► Support 300,000 users
    ► Successful migration of financial services platform
    ► Built development server and server administration
    ■ HTML, CSS, VBox, Action Script, Struts, Flex
    ■ Quartz, EJB’s, JBoss, Java, Spring MVC
    ■ Hibernate, SQL
    ■ Eclipse, Maven, Ant, JUnit, Cygwin
    ■ Angular, Backbone, Handlebars

  • Expression Computing

    CoFounder and Software Engineer

    September 2015 – December 2015

    ► Cofounder and leadership team
    ► Maine CED Top Gun Class 2015
    ► University of Maine Target Technology Incubator
    ► IDEXX partner/successfully funded
    ► Aggressively low mean-time-to-scale
    ► Product design, culture philosophy, company strategy
    ► Software engineering and full stack development
    ■ SalesForce Integrationn
    ■ SQL, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS
    ■ PHP, Doctrine, Cake3
    ■ 100% remote

  • Proxibid

    Software Developer

    April 2015 – September 2015

    ► Proxibid is an eBay Live Auction partner
    ► Lead developer on eBay taxonomy integration
    ► Implemented new domain for instant purchase listings
    ► Technical lead Listing APIs for top clients
    ► SMS outbid text messaging for auction-side
    ► Salesforce integration for high-use auction queues
    ► GUI and front-end improvements across all sites
    ■ ASP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript
    ■ Backbone, Handlebars, jQuery
    ■ Spring, Spring MVC, Java, REST
    ■ SQL, Hibernate, AJAX

  • Dell

    Client Tech Support Associate

    May 2014 – July 2014

    ► Support New York Mount Sinai and Affiliate Hospitals
    ► Tier 1-1.5 service desk technical support
    ■ Epic, Remedy, Agiletrac, Citrix, Eagle, Sailpoint, and AD
    ■ MS Office, network/VPN, and mobile device support.
    ■ Supported roll-out of
    ■ HIPAA compliance

My Key Skills

Semantic HTML5 & CSS3


While still relatively new to the software and tech world, I have been told, "You have done more for this company in 6 months with 1/3 the experience than most of our senior engineers have done in 5 years." In philosophy and poetry, I've been called visionary - someone whose ideas have not yet found their time.

  • Northern Illinois University Graduate Assistant to the Chair

    Helen Keller National Center Liaison

    DeKalb, IL

  • Iowa State University

    Will C. Jumper Poetry Scholarship

    Ames, IA

  • National Forensics League

    National Congressional Debate Semi-Finalist

    Atlanta, GA

  • National Forensics League

    All-Iowa Congressional State Debate Champion

    Iowa City, IA


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Proxibid is an eBay Live Auction Partner. Helped to integrate with eBay, built RESTful API in Spring, built out new domain layer with new frontend, major GUI and cosmetic improvements across all sites.

Proxibid Site
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Maintained, enhanced, and upgraded OCF/PFM product as part of two person development team and provided support for 300,000+ users. Migrated Java, SQL, JBoss, Spring to current spec on two occasions.

D3 Site
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Askesis is a premier behavorial health and software solutions provider.

Take a Gander
Portfolio Image

We Love We Learn

Fully featured Gerard family social network - built using WordPress in 1 day.

See It Live
Portfolio Image

Adam InTae Gerard

Personal web blog featuring time travel concept.

Say Hello
Portfolio Image

Tin Street Market

Fully featured WooCommerce shop with live chat and Paypal Express Gateway in WordPress built in 3 days.

Elite Buy
Portfolio Image

Tin Street Market

Community sharing platform using WooCommerce.

See It
Portfolio Image


A content management system and CRM.

Visit LLC
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Storygami is a contextual media player backed by Sir Richard Branson and 500 Startups.

Create Something
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A techblog for beginners of any level. Built in Ghost.js.

Level Up
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Machine learning and analytics for industrial automation.

See It
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Roe With Me

I built out a dynamic realtime analytics microservice for our inventory management platform (see the alpha above) and a unique one-to-many mesh topology for WebRTC video streaming.

Come Roe With Us!
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Used native Java 8 Webview to hook in plain old CSS and HTML to make beautiful JavaFX GUI's for desktop. Webview also supports JavaScript upcalls to Java connecting JavaScript to Java without all the baggage.

Review My Code Read About It
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Contact List

Two implementations of a simple idea in Backbone and Agility. Instead of a ToDo, I use a contact list - here the contact information is passed after blur on third required field.

Backbone Agility
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Itunes and .mp3 playlist fixer for when you move your music files and don't want to manually update all your playlists and lose metadata.

Get a Copy
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Inspired by Google Creative Labs SoulWire.

Live Site
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Chelsea Twitter

An ndJSON and topoJSON API that morphed into a M-E-N, Twitter sentiment analysis, Highcharts.js, D3.js, MD EJS partial, Swagger testbed - Not Mobile Friendly!

promise() ndjson!
Portfolio Image

Pure Angular Table

Simple demonstration of an asynchronous, pure Angular, table with NLP, sentiment Analysis, and recurrent neural net text imputation - Not Mobile Friendly!

Hang w/ Ang
Portfolio Image

Grammatica Informatica

Applied opensource concept piece showcasing d3.js and experimental ultra-minimal design.

See It Live
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GitHub Portfolio

Open-source projects, widgets, tools, and demos using a variety of languages and libraries.

Review My Code
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A STUN server implemented in ES6 and Node.js.

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A leading Java Spring technical documentation blog!

Learn Spring Git It
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  • 15+

    Happy Clients
  • Writer
  • 23+

    Projects Done
  • Programmer
  • 14000+

    Coffee Cups


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